We at Woodland Experiences, the organisers of Scotland’s premier Santa event, are excited to now officially launch Santa@Home, an experience for the whole family to enjoy that will help us deliver our magic to you this year.

You will receive a special envelope containing: a USB stick onto which a personalised video is saved, a wrapped gift (book) and sweetie for each child, some extra Christmas goodies, and an instruction sheet to help you unleash the magic!

**Once received, please keep the parcel out of sight of your child(ren) and carefully follow the instruction sheet contained within!**

On the night of your choosing, you will play the video for your child(ren) through a USB port on a laptop/TV, and Santa will direct your children to the front door where he has magically sent (with your help!) their gifts. ­

The pricing is as follows:

£24.99 – 1 child

£31.99 – 2 children

£38.99 – 3 children

£45.99 – 4 children

Please note we have a £2 charge for postage and packing. For orders above 4 children, please contact

To pre-order, click here or go to the pre-order tab in our menu (at the top of the page), and we will begin dispatch on a first-come, first-serve basis the week commencing the 2nd of October!

We sincerely thank you for your continued support,

Kenny, Sarah, and the Woodland Experiences team.